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Global Warming: Personal Solutions for a Healthy Planet demystifies the issue of climate change, offering the public not only a clear description of the problem, but also a practical guide to the solutions. In plain English, it explains what mainstream scientists are saying about the issue, using reliable sources such as the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. While the book demonstrates that a global crisis is looming, it also offers hope, arguing not only that each of us can be doing something to solve the problem, but that we should – not only for ourselves, but for our children and grandchildren.

Global Warming reveals :

  • what global warming is (and what it is not);
  • what global warming is doing to our weather and climate system;
  • what it is doing to our environment and to wildlife;
  • how it is affecting humans;
  • how it will affect each of us in the years to come;
  • what governments, big business and other groups are doing about it – and what further action they could be taking;
  • why some vested interests want to keep the public uninformed about the problem; and,
  • what each of us as individuals can do.
Global Warming: Personal Solutions for a Health Planet, uses genuine anecdotes and examples of people’s experiences with global warming to personalize the issue and make it relevant and real to the reader. These anecdotes demonstrate how global warming has already affected people around the world.

The book begins by offering readers a clear description of the problem, starting with an overview of the global warming phenomenon and the science behind it, before moving on to describe specifically what it is doing and is expected to do to our weather, to our wider environment, flora and fauna, and to people. This part of the book reveals that global warming is serious, that it is happening now, and that it is here to stay. It also shows that the problem will only become more severe over time.

The second half of the book outlines what is being done to deal with global warming, and what more can be done at every level – internationally, nationally, regionally, locally, and most importantly, by families and individuals. It reveals why some corporate interests and other groups would like to keep the public in the dark on the issue. By providing genuine examples of how each of us can deal with the many challenges posed by global warming, the book offers well-researched, practical and accessible solutions to the problem.

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