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On-Page Optimization of your site by the Keywords

On-Page Optimization Of Your Site By The Keywords – What Is It?

Meta Tags, Content. At the beginning of engineering On-Page Optimization of Keywords Keywords begins with determining what you want. Or you can create a new market with a new brand? Why not? Suppose you want to create social brand magic centre.

You can examine the various keywords that you want to use Google keyword tool at https: / / adwords.google.com / KeywordTool, or you can visit the sites ‘Wordtracker’ http://freekeywords.wordtracker.com, two keyword search tool it’s free. Suppose you want to search for keywords related to the diet, write down the word diet in the site, and see the display of many options. Then you do the next study on google.com to see how much competition the keyword you want.
Remember, when you see the number of search results as above, it is usually not the number of domains, but includes also the site pages. That means it is possible for example, a domain that has hundreds of pages and all talk about diet. Google is usually the page that is counted as part of the search.
If you try to enter the derivative SEO said, the numbers will shrink, and the fewer the number recorded in goole.com, means fewer competitor. And you made it feasible for your domain.
And try to see, in many instances; the first ranked for certain keywords was not the sites ‘main’. If you find a page in the site could occupy the first position for certain keywords, you will be able to beat their position easily! How? Place the same keywords on the main page!
Robots will more quickly display the site with the keywords you are aiming deliberately located on the main page.
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